"Morker Photo" is created by me, Lena Vincent Hjärner based in Uppsala, Sweden, who has photographed for various festival sites like festivalphoto. The idea of "Morker Photo" is to offer a specialized image bank of mainly Black Metal live photos, and to exclude mingle photographs and popular culture.
I have been working within Black Metal for almost ten years with organizing, photographing and enjoying events.
It is important to me that all the photo shoots are treated individually and that live photographs match the aesthetic sense a band inspires, this is usually much appreciated by both music acts and their fans.
My photographs are frequently used by the Black Metal acts in the underground all over the world.

If you are interested in purchasing a photograph, or need a photographer / graphic artist for your project, please contact me for information and quotation, whether you work for a music magazine, a website or are a big fan, etc.
I also do album covers and is always looking for new challenges.

I will turn down offers that do not fit my agenda, and I have no desire to work with "rock star divas", and people who don't understand the value of art.